Very exciting that Tory's original art work is now available here online and through Jardan Furniture stores.

Her Limited Edition art prints are now available online through an exciting new brand Studio Elwood.
Also stocked in Husk stores in Melbourne and Sydney, including their new exciting store in Chadstone, Melbourne. 

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Tory's unique artwork is available to purchase online through the shop page.  Browse through the shop and contact via the contact page to request pricing information on individual artworks.
Above is the latest work from the studio, Oranges and Lemons.  
Painted in traditional oils on a beautiful Italian linen.  The painting style mimics the design in the 'Johnson of Australia' stoneware plate. The texture is so tactile and the 3D plate creates a quirky interest.
The Kookaburra above is a mixed media piece.  Using traditional oil paint and a 'Johnson of Australia' plate for the wing of this Australian icon.  The Retro Inca design of the plate is so well know from the 70's.  Click on the fabulous bird to see all of Tory's bird artworks.
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