Tory studied Art and Design at Melbourne School of Art under Robert Gill, 1992-1995.  She has a passion for art and the aesthetic.  She loves her home country Australia, especially its native flora and fauna. So inspired by the environment and its species she has also studied Horticulture specialising in the indigenous species.

Tory paints with the trained traditional method of oil on canvas or linen. She has developed interesting techniques including the use of the palate knife, scratching into the painted canvas and the dripping and bleeding of glazes.  Her Rock Pool and Abstract series use a lot of glazes and bleeding of paint. This technique creates a Luminous irradescence in her Abstracts and a sparkling sea shimmer in her Rock Pools.

Her inspiration is so infectious that she has been using recycled timber as a surface, the grain of the wood depicting the form and subject matter. This can be seen in her Wood Blocks series.  

Many objects inspire her.  Shells collected from local beaches become the feathers of birds. This can be seen in the Budgie and White Cockatoo. An Art Deco Vase can be recreated into a Cockatoo.
The Kookaburra uses a mixed media of oil on canvas with a broken plate. Tory found a 'Johnson of Australia' retro style plate in a second hand Opportunity Shop. On seeing the Inca design she immediately saw the eye and wing of a kookaburra. The liberating smashing of the crockery broke through to form the great bird.

She loves trees.  The huge Styx trees of Tasmania are one of the largest hardwood trees in the world. The Pandanus native to Queensland and Asia, the Boab of the Kimberley and the simple native Gum tree have all been an inspiration for a long period.  Every tree has a spirit for her that she portrays in the most simplest form. 

Tory collects Australian ceramics and includes it in her unique mixed media art pieces.  The above image of in here studio includes some of her collection. 
Below are some examples of the crockery Tory has used.
Look closely are you able to see the 'Johnson of Australia Plate' in the painting below: 'Vase of Flowers'?

 'Johnson of Australia'  stoneware plate. The Inca Design is used in Tory's art Work.

The "Kookaburra" series uses the Retro plates Inca design for its wing and eye.

Detail of 'Regrowth'. 

Here you can see close up Tory's unique glaze dripping technique and pallet knife work

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