Tory studied Art and Design at Melbourne School of Art under Robert Gill, 1992-1995.  She has a passion for art and the aesthetic.  She loves her home country Australia, especially its native flora and fauna. So inspired by the environment and its species she has also studied Horticulture specialising in Australia's indigenous plants and flora.

Tory paints with the trained traditional method of oil on canvas or linen. A modern painter with a stripped back minimalistic style concentrating on what inspires her, its bare essence and how to portray this stimulation using its most simple graphic elements.

She has developed interesting techniques including the use of the palette knife, scratching into the painted canvas and the dripping and bleeding of glazes.  She starts with a very thin oil medium and paints using a bleeding almost watercolour technique, building on her layers ending up with a textured thick impasto layer of paint in areas like icing on a cake.

Her Rock Pool and Abstract series use lush glazes and bleeding of paint. This technique creates a Luminous iridescence in her Abstracts and a sparkling wet sea shimmer in her Rock Pools. 

Tory has created a unique textural mixed media technique including found ceramics, concentrating on their pattern, shape and form adding a sculptural element to her mixed media artwork practice. Mimicking the pattern and colour of the found object so it becomes integrated into her design. Below is an example of incorporating the elements of ceramics and found objects with her oil on linen traditional art practice. 

Pink Flowers with Black Round Vase

At first glance you see a modern 'Still Life' oil painting. When you take a closer look a mixed media artwork is apparent including hand shaped ceramics and glass ware. The pink flowers are made from 'Johnson of Australia' plates chosen for its ioconic heritage and also the fact that the inside of the plate is the same colour as the glaze on the outside. The black centre of the flower is from a glass platter found in a local Opportunity shop.

Close Up image of the hand shaped Pink Flowers.

The original 'Johnson of Australia' plates used in the design.

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