Renowned for her unique oil paintings and use of textured mixed media, Tory Burke is an Australian artist who gives new meaning to the term ‘flora and fauna’.

From 1992-1995, Tory studied Art and Design at Melbourne School of Art under Robert Gill, where she developed her unique style and explored her far from traditional aesthetic.

When she’s not painting with traditional oils, Tory works with a range of mediums on canvas and linen; and has developed interesting techniques with a palette knife, scratching into the painted surface to create texture, as well as dripping and bleeding glazes.

She prefers to paint on an Italian linen creating a neutral base and works drawing with pastel first to create a naive sketching style.

Having adopted a sense of minimalism and often featuring abstract paintings full of colour, strong line work and sparkling glazes, Tory has recently introduced Australian ceramics as a medium in her artwork, creating a unique 3D collage effect. She concentrates on the pattern, shape and form of the ceramics to add a sculptural element to her design, for example the feathers of a bird or the petals of a flower.

Tory has always been inspired by the environment having previously studied horticulture, specialising in indigenous plants and flora. Her work features flowers, trees, seascapes, landscapes and an array of exotic birds, breathing life into every canvas.

Taking inspiration from several Australian artists, each has influenced different aspects of Tory’s work. Margret Preston for her still life pieces; Robert Jacks for his abstract style and minimalism; Brett Whiteley for his unusual use of space and perspective; John Olsen with his freedom with simple line work and finally; Albert Namatjira for his strong colour contrasts and of course, his beautiful white ghost gum trees.

Tory is also the Creative Director of Studio Elwood, an Australian art brand that creates accessible and original limited-edition artprints. Studio Elwood’s pieces have featured in Australian Home Beautiful, Inside Out and The Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend.

Her commissions are featured in private homes and corporate offices across the country.

Pink Flowers with Black Round Vase

At first glance you see a modern 'Still Life' oil painting. When you take a closer look a mixed media artwork is apparent including hand shaped ceramics and glass ware. The pink flowers are made from 'Johnson of Australia' plates chosen for its ioconic heritage and also the fact that the inside of the plate is the same colour as the glaze on the outside. The black centre of the flower is from a glass shell platter found in a local Opportunity shop.

Close Up image of the hand shaped Pink Flowers.

The original 'Johnson of Australia' plates used in the design.

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